eHouse Home Automation, Building Management system - Manufacturer and developer online shop.

eHouse Home Automation system is developed since 2000 by iSys.PL in Poland.

You can find many product described as:

  • »Building management, Home Automation, Electronic House
  • »Smart Home
  • »Hotel, Hostel, Pension, Apartment - Automation
  • »Office, public facility, warehouse automation & control
  • »Boat, Yacht, House Boat Automation and control
  • »Camper, Mobile House - Automation & control
  • »Greenhouse control & automation
  • »Control Light, Heating, Audio-Video, media-rooms

According different customer expectation, applications, budget - eHouse Home Automation system is developed in a few versions covering all needs for any objects types.

  • » "eHouse Ethernet" Home Automation (LAN) EthernetRoomManagers - installed in room switch boards
  • »"eHouse One" Building Automation (RS-485) RoomManagers - installed in room switch boards
  • »"eHouse WiFi" Smart Home (WiFi 2.4GHz b/g/n) for installation in socket cans or as OEM (external devices housing)
  • »"eHouse PRO" Home Automation "Hybrid and central installation" Control and Automation system (eHouse.Pro - All In One)

eHouse Electronic House System is sold in various:

  • »For professionals, installers, end users, amateurs, IT "geeks"
  • » smart home DIY home automation DIY Do it Yourself, Self Installation, self development and programming
  • »eHouse home automation: Low Budget, Economic, Comfort, VIP
  • »microprocessor controllers DIY - any application, design, self development
  • »fully connected eHouse home automation - main or small switch board according to customer specification (low voltage - electronics)
  • »complex, connected, mounted, configured and installed eHouse Home Automation system with warranty (low voltage - electronics)
  • »VIP solutions, dedicated software, algorithms, service, maintenance

Additionally to our eHouse electronic home controllers we supply software:

  • »Windows
  • »Java
  • »Linux Server
  • »Android
  • »WWW
  • »programming libraries, APIs for cooperatives, amateurs, IT "geek" for developing individual control, management algorithms for eHouse Home automation system.