IDC-50/RJ-12 DIY - Inputs Expander

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Expander alarm inputs for CommManager Enables you to make a professional control panel using RJ-12 sockets and plugs, Fast start-up, step by step , assembly , service , disassembly , Replacement of alarm detectors .
Inputs Expander (RJ-12) (for CM, eHouse.PRO)
The module enables professional connection of alarm detectors (max. 48) alarms on the basis of telephone connectors RJ-12 (6 pin) . Enables easy mounting and removal of sensors . Module version 'For self assembly' (DIY) without manufacturer's warranty .

Main features:
  • Dual IDC connector - 50 for connecting CommManager inputs ' and
  • 48 connectors RJ-12 for connection of alarm detectors (connection of Alarm line , Tamper and power alarm detectors)
  • Power supply stabilized 12V / 5V GSM / SMS module
  • Jumper configuration sabotage (check or none)
  • Quick-release couplings for quick replacement of the controller , servicing , launch

 expander module for CM, PRO expander module for CM, PRO

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