IDC Flat Cable (Various Sizes)

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IDC Flat cable strips sizes
IDC Flat Cable for low voltage installation:
  • Hight Quality flat cable strips (1mm wide)
  • 100 Celsius Degree
  • 250V Isolation
  • fast installation, deinstallation with IDC sockets, service, tests, measurement without screws, etc

Do not require making holes, grooves in the walls for installation, just glue to the wall before plastering building

For ordering ready to use cables with squeezed IDC sockets:
  • * Measure required distance of cable in the building (+0.5..1m)
  • * Select and order Flat Cable (proper size and length)
  • * Select and order the same IDC Socket pin count for squeezing
  • * Do not sum cables for different rooms (order individual cables)
  • * Tolerance of length 20cm
  • * Maximal length 30m

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