IR control panel for EthernetRoomManager

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Miniature IR Control panel + Measurement sensors for direct connection to EthernetRoomManager It contains: * IR transmitter * IR receiver * Temperature sensor * Light level sensor
IR control panel can be connected directly to ERM external panel socket with IDC-16 flat wire. Small (35x20x30mm) control panel containing:
  • * 4 IR transmitting diodes for external Audio-Video systems control, directly from ERM. Each diode can be individually directed towards receiving devices in any angle for best range
  • * IR receiver for direct control of ERM via Sony standard IR controller which can be rotated for optimal reception
  • * Temperature sensor - measurement internal room temperature
  • * Light sensor - measurement internal light level

IR panel is suitable to install in front of Audio-Video equipment, outside of ERM cover.
For best result IDC-16 flat cable should be limited to 5m and kept far from noise cables and environments.
Keep distance between Audio-Video system and IR panel lower then 8m.
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