EHouse WiFi Round (EWiFiR) - for socket cans DIY

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Intelligent House WiFi eHouse

Lighting Control, heating , Audio/Video

- Miniature driver all-in -one work directly in the WiFi network architecture EHouse WiFi controller 'For self assembly' (DIY). Uses existing WiFi network infrastructure or can work as standalone AP: * Lighting control * Dimmable LED/RGB lighting * Heating control * Managing audio hardware-video * Enable/Disable any On/Off electrical devices It can be managed directly from the infrared remote , smartphones , pads, PC with LAN , WiFi , Web browser
Intelligent eHouse WiFi driver Controller running on standard WiFi network 2.4GHz b/g/n as a station or local AP (Access Point)
EHouse WiFi driver 'For self assembly' (DIY) without manufacturer's warranty.
Dimensions of the controller:
- all-in-One (with power supply 230V , 4 relays 230V/5A , 3*LED dimmers 12V/2.5A) - (fi 58mm * 21mm)
- Without power supply 230V (4 relays 230V/5A , 3*LED dimmers 12V/2.5A) - (fi 58mm * 17mm)
- Only low voltage components 12V - 3 * LED Dimmers 12V/2.5A - (fi 58mm * 12mm)

The driver allows you to create an eHouse (WIFI) smart installation without laying communication wires and devastating the object. It only requires coverage of WiFi network coverage at controller installation locations.
Enables creation of non-invasive building automation installations 'EHouse WiFi' And installation in lighting housings , manifolds , Electrical appliances
Main features:
  • Infrared (IR) transmitter for controlling Audio-Video devices (optional)
  • 4 intelligent programmable On/Off outputs with 230V relays (optional)
  • 1 intelligent measuring inputs (optional built-in temperature sensor - 50C..+50)
  • 3 intelligent dimmers for LED or RGB LED lighting with 12VDC / 2 dimmer drivers . 5A (optional)
  • 0..4 intelligent On/Off inputs, For connecting external switches, Digital sensors , etc
  • Infrared (IR) receiver for remote control or IR control panel (optional)
  • Assembly quick-change couplers for changing the controller in a few seconds
  • Optional 230V/5V pulsed power supply for power supply (optional)
  • WiFi module 2.4GHz b/g/n
  • Linear voltage stabilizer 12V/3V3
  • Pulse power supply 12V/3V3 (optional)
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